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Austerity, the destruction of the welfare state, the naked brutality of the free market, the suffering of many to secure immense profits for the few, the blind consumption of the planet’s resources and future…

Is this the only way we can organise society?

Latin America is showing us an alternative – a just and fair society run by the people for the people. A society which puts people and planet before profit.

Latin America Now! is being organised by the many Latin America support groups in Manchester to show us, and help us learn from, what is happening there with a view to developing a continued space for collaboration.


4 thoughts on “About this event”

  1. I want to come to this – how do you reserve tickets?

    • Hi Christina

      At the top of the blog there’s a page called ‘tickets’ & there’s a link in there. Click on that to go to ‘Eventbright’ and then just reserve however many tickets you want. Any problems you can email me at:


  2. Do you have any more info on the cultural event? Is it possible to bring children?

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