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News in Venezuela over past week has been dominated by the government’s crackdown on overpricing and speculation, which has been pitched as an “offensive” against the “economic war” officials say is being waged against the Bolivarian revolution. In news you can read the latest on this story, as well as stories that you won’t see appear in mainstream media, like the struggle by meat packing workers for the control of their company and the beginning of a trial of six people accused of murdering indigenous Yukpa leader Sabino Romero in March.

In analysis you can read Ryan Mallett Outtrim’s evaluation of efforts to reform Venezuela’s security forces, as well as Harry Greatorex’s street survey of citizen reaction to the government’s crackdown on price speculation.

Also, watch out for Tamara Pearson’s analysis of the recent national commune conference in Caracas, which we will be publishing soon.

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Maduro Administration Planning to Implement Profit Limits in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government is planning to implement profit limits across the economy as part of a crackdown on overpricing.

Venezuelan Meat Packing Workers Protest Abuses Following Alleged Repression

Venezuelan meat packing workers protested Wednesday against the repression of factory occupations by local security forces.

Spanish Journalist Presents Book on How Chavez Became Chavez

On Monday this week Spanish journalist and anti-globalization intellectual Ignacio Ramonet presented his book on the life of Hugo Chavez to Venezuelan media.

Venezuela’s National Assembly Moves Closer to Handing Maduro Decree Powers UPDATED

Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN) has moved closer to granting President Nicolas Maduro decree powers, with the necessary three-fifths majority voting in favour of the measures in the first discussion of the proposed law yesterday.

Venezuela’s Maduro Condemns Newspapers that “Defend the Parasitic Bourgeoisie”

As the Venezuelan government continues to tackle speculative retail pricing, President Nicolas Maduro has urged supporters to boycott private newspapers.

Venezuelan Government Continues Inspections of Overpricing Businesses

The Venezuelan government is continuing to inspect businesses that are overcharging for goods and has closed down over 50 websites that had been promoting the black market exchange rate.

Venezuelan Government Action against Overpricing Welcomed by Citizens, Manipulated by Media

After clamping down on “grotesque” overpricing by electronics stores and proposing to set maximum profit margins, there have been some large queues outside such stores around Venezuela, while some shops have temporarily closed. The opposition and the private media have depicted the situation as “chaotic”, while the government has called on the organised grassroots to “guarantee order”.

Six People Accused of Murdering Yukpa Leader Sabino Romero Go to Trial

Six people are now on trial for their alleged involvement in the murder of Yukpa leader Sabino Romero earlier this year. Those who allegedly paid them to commit the crime, however, are still at large.

Maduro Strikes against Speculators, Proposes Profit Limits in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro has proposed setting maximum profit margins for businesses across the Venezuelan economy following the discovery of “grotesque” overpricing in the electric appliance sector.


The Revolution Goes Back in Action: Refrigerator Wars in Venezuela

The Venezuelan state is intervening in different retail businesses around the country, principally those that trade in domestic appliances. This apparently modest decision, taken a week ago, has set in motion an interesting process of push and pull

Venezuelan Public Make Use of Price Controls

Researcher Harry Greatorex walks the centre of the Andean city of Mérida to find out the public’s impression of the government’s crackdown on high prices and speculation.

The Community and Security Forces in Venezuela

Over the last decade the Venezuelan government has sought to reform the country’s security forces. But just how far has reform gone towards improving relations between the grassroots and the police and armed forces?

On Mannequins and Plastic Surgery in Venezuela, Context is Key

Are Venezolanas really that much more invested in a limited beauty standard than women elsewhere? As a Venezolana myself, I have to say that this article about the trend in ridiculously busty mannequins in Venezuela – and how that both reflects and affects a new-ish plastic-surgeried reality – made me bristle a bit in its ethnocentrism.

The Shadow of Chile Falls on Venezuela

The mayoral elections campaign has seen an increase in economic sabotage aimed at incapacitating the government of President Nicolas Maduro and, says Francisco Dominguez, presents a threat not unlike that faced decades ago by Salvador Allende in Chile.


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