!Salud! Documentary on the Cuban Health System (from 2006)


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Below is a link to the documentary !Salud! (Director: Connie Field).  It is from 2006 but still very relevant in these days of not so stealthy privatization of the NHS in England (if not the other UKanian countries) and Cuba’s astonishing response to the West African ebola crisis, where ecosystem destruction has combined with the destruction of primary care systems under the twin onslaughts of structural adjustment programmes and civil conflict.
A timely examination of human values and the health issues that affect us all, !Salud! looks at the case of Cuba, a country with what the BBC calls ‘one of the world’s best health systems.’ From the shores of Africa to the Americas, !Salud! hits the road with some of the 28,000 Cuban health professionals serving in 68 countries, and explores the hearts and minds of international medical students in Cuba — now numbering 30,000, including nearly 100 from the USA.

Democracy in Latin America: The Results of the 2013 Latinobarómetro Public Opinion Poll | venezuelanalysis.com


Democracy in Latin America: The Results of the 2013 Latinobarómetro Public Opinion Poll | venezuelanalysis.com.

Latin America’s “left turn” in the early twenty-first century has received much attention. Yet despite the vast quantity of commentary (most of it hostile) on the matter by politicians, media pundits, and foreign policy intellectuals in the United States, almost never are the views of Latin Americans themselves considered. The most recent 18-country poll from Chilean polling firm Latinobarómetro, designed to measure how democratic the region is, offers an important window into those views [1].   Read more

Cátedras Bolivarianas de Resumen Latinoamericano
y la Taberna Internacionalista Vasca de Buenos Aires


Viernes 22 de noviembre, a las 19,00 horas en la calle Aguirre 29, a pasos de Angel Gallardo y Av. Corrientes (Centro Cultural y Político La Dignidad)

Tema del dia:

Dos libros y un disco para una noche muy especial.

Presentaremos los libros:
MONTONEROS.El peronismo combatiente en primera persona”, de Roberto Perdía

y NORMAN BRISKI. Mi política vida, de Norman Briski y Carlos Aznárez

Contaremos con la presencia de los tres autores para homenajear a la memoria de tantos queridos compañeros y compañeras que con su rebeldía y su compromiso revolucionario gestaron el protagonismo del que dan cuenta ambos textos.

Como disparador especial proyectaremos:
“PARAPOLICIAL NEGRO. Apuntes para una prehistoria de la Triple A”
dirigida por Valentín Javier Diment

Un documental sobre la prehistoria de la triple A se choca con un policial negro excedido, sucio y violento, generando una película explosiva, que profundiza en la formación de una de nuestras más oscuras pesadillas, reflexionando de paso al respecto de cómo nos contamos nuestra historia. Así como a veces la realidad super a la ficción, esta puede ayudarnos a entender la realidad más en profundidad.

Al finalizar el debate, el trovador argentino PABLO MERLETTI interpretará su tema: “Montonero”

Y luego de la actividad político-cultural en el mismo local ABRIMOS LAS PUERTAS DE:


Calle Aguirre 29 (a metros de Av. Corrientes y Angel Gallardo, Subte línea B, estación Angel Gallardo)

Un espacio internacionalista para seguir cultivando una de las costumbres más arraigadas del pueblo vasco: compartir los pintxos y el vino, la música, las canciones y las charlas fraternales, donde la política y la solidaridad van de la mano. También, la carta habitual del lugar (pastas, pizza, empanadas, etc) Precios populares.



Quien presentará su nuevo disco : “CANTO QUE GRITO”


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[venanalysis] Venezuela in the News: Price Crackdown and SecurityReform

Dear readers,

News in Venezuela over past week has been dominated by the government’s crackdown on overpricing and speculation, which has been pitched as an “offensive” against the “economic war” officials say is being waged against the Bolivarian revolution. In news you can read the latest on this story, as well as stories that you won’t see appear in mainstream media, like the struggle by meat packing workers for the control of their company and the beginning of a trial of six people accused of murdering indigenous Yukpa leader Sabino Romero in March.

In analysis you can read Ryan Mallett Outtrim’s evaluation of efforts to reform Venezuela’s security forces, as well as Harry Greatorex’s street survey of citizen reaction to the government’s crackdown on price speculation.

Also, watch out for Tamara Pearson’s analysis of the recent national commune conference in Caracas, which we will be publishing soon.

Happy reading!

Ewan for VA.com

Image Gallaries

Communes Producing


Maduro Administration Planning to Implement Profit Limits in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government is planning to implement profit limits across the economy as part of a crackdown on overpricing.

Venezuelan Meat Packing Workers Protest Abuses Following Alleged Repression

Venezuelan meat packing workers protested Wednesday against the repression of factory occupations by local security forces.

Spanish Journalist Presents Book on How Chavez Became Chavez

On Monday this week Spanish journalist and anti-globalization intellectual Ignacio Ramonet presented his book on the life of Hugo Chavez to Venezuelan media.

Venezuela’s National Assembly Moves Closer to Handing Maduro Decree Powers UPDATED

Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN) has moved closer to granting President Nicolas Maduro decree powers, with the necessary three-fifths majority voting in favour of the measures in the first discussion of the proposed law yesterday.

Venezuela’s Maduro Condemns Newspapers that “Defend the Parasitic Bourgeoisie”

As the Venezuelan government continues to tackle speculative retail pricing, President Nicolas Maduro has urged supporters to boycott private newspapers.

Venezuelan Government Continues Inspections of Overpricing Businesses

The Venezuelan government is continuing to inspect businesses that are overcharging for goods and has closed down over 50 websites that had been promoting the black market exchange rate.

Venezuelan Government Action against Overpricing Welcomed by Citizens, Manipulated by Media

After clamping down on “grotesque” overpricing by electronics stores and proposing to set maximum profit margins, there have been some large queues outside such stores around Venezuela, while some shops have temporarily closed. The opposition and the private media have depicted the situation as “chaotic”, while the government has called on the organised grassroots to “guarantee order”.

Six People Accused of Murdering Yukpa Leader Sabino Romero Go to Trial

Six people are now on trial for their alleged involvement in the murder of Yukpa leader Sabino Romero earlier this year. Those who allegedly paid them to commit the crime, however, are still at large.

Maduro Strikes against Speculators, Proposes Profit Limits in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro has proposed setting maximum profit margins for businesses across the Venezuelan economy following the discovery of “grotesque” overpricing in the electric appliance sector.


The Revolution Goes Back in Action: Refrigerator Wars in Venezuela

The Venezuelan state is intervening in different retail businesses around the country, principally those that trade in domestic appliances. This apparently modest decision, taken a week ago, has set in motion an interesting process of push and pull

Venezuelan Public Make Use of Price Controls

Researcher Harry Greatorex walks the centre of the Andean city of Mérida to find out the public’s impression of the government’s crackdown on high prices and speculation.

The Community and Security Forces in Venezuela

Over the last decade the Venezuelan government has sought to reform the country’s security forces. But just how far has reform gone towards improving relations between the grassroots and the police and armed forces?

On Mannequins and Plastic Surgery in Venezuela, Context is Key

Are Venezolanas really that much more invested in a limited beauty standard than women elsewhere? As a Venezolana myself, I have to say that this article about the trend in ridiculously busty mannequins in Venezuela – and how that both reflects and affects a new-ish plastic-surgeried reality – made me bristle a bit in its ethnocentrism.

The Shadow of Chile Falls on Venezuela

The mayoral elections campaign has seen an increase in economic sabotage aimed at incapacitating the government of President Nicolas Maduro and, says Francisco Dominguez, presents a threat not unlike that faced decades ago by Salvador Allende in Chile.


Venezuela Analysis – http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/

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A Manchester Social Forum for Change and Resistance: AWR recall meeting


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Another World Real:  A Manchester Social Forum for Change and Resistance

Recall Meeting

Building on the inspiring Manchester Latin America Now! dayschool in January we want to develop our aims, strategies and plans for the coming year.
There will be a meeting on Friday 26th April, 7pm at The Yard, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5RF. (flyer below)
First and foremost Another World Real is about participation – it belongs to everyone who gets involved. Attached is an outline of aims and plans.
Please read this – it is discussion document which we must all develop together.
We are facing brutal times in Britain – what is happening in Latin America gives concrete alternatives on making another world real here. Bruce, Mark, Lia, Camilo

Draft AWR Organising Statement


Another World Real is a project launched at the Manchester Latin America day school in January 2013 which brought together various solidarity groups in the area. It was organized principally by the Manchester Zapatista Network and the Manchester Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

We believe that the changes happening now in Latin America show us a world being created which is a concrete alternative to the tragedy of unbridled free market capitalism – a world where health and education are fundamental human rights, where people participate fully in shaping an equal society and where the ecological basis for human life is respected and protected. In short a world where meaningful and dignified human life can flourish.       ……………Read More:  Another World Real Organising Statement

Mineral and hydrocarbon “extractivism” and vivir bien in Bolivia


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Out  today: a very interesting Bolivia Information Forum Bulletin Special Edition on Extractive Industries.  Alex Tilley from BIF spoke at our January day school and this also picks up some of the issues explore in Mark Burton’s workshop which covered the vivir

bien / suma qamaña philosophy. Articles cover the Eduardo Gudynas’s framework for thinking about extraction, Bolivia’s dilemma between financing social programmes and ecological safety / Mother Earth rights, and specific analysis of conflicts over mining in Boliva.  Read the bulletin by clicking here.
Also see the new web site Extractives and Development in the Andes.


Workshop Report ‘Art, Music and Media: Participation, Solidarity and Resistances’

The workshop was sparked off with four presentation: Lucia from Armadillo Productions spoke about her documentary The Echo of the Pain of the Many and distribution in Guatemala, Katherine from Music for Hope spoke about a solidarity project in El Salvador where learning how to play music fosters cohesion among communities, Carolina from EmergenciaMX talked about alternative media in Mexico during the citizens’ Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, and Zapatista Solidarity Group spoke about the UK wide tour of film director Nicolas Défossé and his film ¡Viva México!, ie. dissemination based on solidarity.

All projects shared the ethics of social justice; all explored solidarity forms of production and distribution; all the projects encountered little sympathy when they asked for the cultural producers and artists to receive some kind of financial collaboration or compensation for their work – but without this, there will be dependency on the government and autonomy is undermined.

The workshop participants then worked with this scenario:

Developers want to build a shopping centre on a plot of land in a community. The community is deeply attached to this land, as it is one of the last pieces of green space in the area: some people use it for guerrilla gardening, and many members of the community have personal memories attached to the land. The developers and the council present the land as a vacant and dis-used plot with shrubs and weeds growing wildly on it. At the council meetings and in the local media, everyone seems to understand the language of the developers but no-one appreciates how the community articulates their opposition to ‘development’ and ‘progress’, why they are so offended by the language used by the developers. How, and through which media, can the community make themselves understood?

Participants agreed that in order to tackle this problem, residents need to build trust, draw on many different groups and networks in the community in order to bring together different skills and knowledges, make sure that people in the community get to know each other (for example, through intergenerational storytelling about the plot of land), build trust, use community radio.

The workshop participants agreed that three points were important to pursue in Manchester:

1. Trust (in the collective and individuals) and independence / autonomy (for the project)

2. There needs to be a balance between face-to-face contact and mediated contact

3. It is important to continuously build networks, even when there is no specific project.


– To initiate a blog (please use this one)

– To start a ‘Manchester campfire’, where people come together to share stories of resistance and weave social fabric. If you’re interested, email Manchester.Zapatista.Solidarity@gmail.com, with ‘campfire’ in the subject line.


Music for Hope https://www.facebook.com/musicforhopeuk

EmergenciaMX http://emergenciamx.org/

UK Zapatista Solidarity: http://ukzapatistas.wordpress.com/ and http://www.europazapatista.org/

Armadillo Productions / The Echo of the Pain of the Many


Making Another World Real event – a great success!

After months of planning the Another World Real event took place on Saturday, 26 January.  It was attended by more than 70 people all keen to learn more about struggles and achievements in Latin America, to continue their solidarity with people’s movements there, and to learn lessons for our own struggles here in the face of the the new offensives of Capital against people and planet.

We will be following up with updates, documents and so on.

Thanks to all who contributed their labour, expertise and time and to everyone who came.

Do leave us a comment about the day…..

Class and social movements – lessons from Latin America


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Goran Therborn in a recent New left review article poses what is the essence of our Making Another World real event.

“Latin America may not offer a model that can be exported to the rest of the world in the immediate future. But if there are to be radical social transformations in the years to come, they will surely have more in common with recent developments in that region than with 20th-century experiences of reform or revolution based on a wage-earning proletariat—a social actor which is a small minority of the working population across much of Africa and Asia. Though empowered by rising literacy and by new means of communication, popular class movements face great obstacles: divisions of ethnicity and religion, and between different kinds of employment. But only programmes and organizational forms which take these challenges into account will have a serious chance of bringing these plebeian strata together.”

To read the whole article click here